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Hello. My name is Thomas Trimble, call me Tom. I am a new independent author. As an introduction, I need to tell you a bit about myself so you can understand the motivation for my books. 

First, for my entire career, I was an engineer involved in building and programming computers, since the idea for them basically first emerged. I worked for what was the Bell System and ended up retiring with the title Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Labs. That interest and kind of distrust for computers is the key motivation for three of my books.

We will talk more about them but those are:

*Total Access

*Cyber Watchdog

*Terror by Machine


The other main influence on my writing is a health issue. I have an illness called Congestive Heart Failure or CHF caused by a heart attack 32 years ago. I have gotten to know a lot of people with this condition and there are more joining that world every day. To try to share the knowledge I have gained from my own experience and talking to others, I wrote four books intended to help those patients who have CHF and their caregivers.

Those books are:

*Heart Failure: My Life Journey

*Heart Failure: Our Life Journey

*Heart Failure: One Day at a Time

*Caring Hearts: A Caregiver’s World


I also wrote one book the falls between the engineer and the heart patient in me

It is a sci-fi called:

*From Inside Heart Failure: the Future of a Cure

Maybe you can guess the theme to that one if you like old sci-fi.

I have also taken a step into the area of murder mysteries. I have published Death Mail and the Manager. Totally unique murder-for-hire plots.

My most recent works have resulted in two different book series on the subject of ghosts. The first series is Gold Mine Ghosts. Three books about ghosts that show up in gold rush mines that were reopened.


The other series follows a ghost investigator, Dr. Paul Masters, Ph.D. We follow the doctor and his team through a series of now eight different settings and ghost stories. He uses a mild approach to help those spirits get to a peaceful rest. These are kind of fun ghost tales, not horror books.


I am happy to present this information about my writing. Hope you enjoy it.

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