Hello. My name is Thomas Trimble, call me Tom. I am a new independent author. As an introduction I need to tell you a bit about myself so you can understand the motivation for my books. 

First, for my entire career I was an engineer involved in building and programming computers, since the idea for them basically first emerged. I worked for what was the Bell System and ended up retiring with the title Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Labs. That interest and kind of a distrust for computers is the key motivation for three of my books.

We will talk more about them but those are:

*Total Access

*Cyber Watchdog

*Terror by Machine


The other main influence on my writing is a health issue. I have an illness called Congestive Heart Failure or CHF cause by a heart attack 32 years ago. I have gotten to know a lot of people with this condition and there are more joining that world every day. To try to share the knowledge I have gained from my own experience and talking to others, I wrote four books intended to help those patients who have CHF and their caregivers.

Those books are:

*Heart Failure: My Life Journey

*Heart Failure: Our Life Journey

*Heart Failure: One Day at a Time

*Caring Hearts: A Caregiver’s World


I also wrote one book the falls between the engineer and the heart patient in me

It is a sci-fi called:

*From Inside Heart Failure: the Future of a Cure

Maybe you can guess the theme to that one if you like old sci-fi.

Now I am taking a big step into the area of murder mysteries. I have recently published Death Specs, Death Specs II and I am now working on Death Specs III. Totally unique murder plot.


I am happy to present this information about my writing. Hope you enjoy it.