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A Touch of Edgar Allen Poe

Issac Blake was your average author whom had previously written twelve novels. While working on his lucky thirteenth novel his arch nemesis, WRITER'S BLOCK, reared up its ugly head to stop his writing cold. That is when his wife came to the rescue with the gift of a Raven statue that was supposed to give him the inspiration to

break thru his writer's block and finish his novel, but it did that and so much more. The first night he took possession of the Raven statue a dream like no other played out in his mind like a movie at a drive thru theater. This was the inspiration for his thirteenth novel, The novel is the story of a young beat cop that gets caught up in the hunt for a mysterious serial killer hunting women in the Chesapeake Bay area of Baltimore. Follow along with the story of Issac's quest to complete his novel and try and figure out who is the serial killer in his latest novel.


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