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Go on a Mystery Quest across the US

Is Death the end or is it the beginning of the next great adventure? That question has plagued people since the beginning of time. Following the death of his wife Charlie Adamson spent all his time trying to find the mysterious stairway to heaven. For five years he locked himself away in the basement of his home trying to find the answers to whether it actually exists. Just as he was about to embark on his mission illness took his life leaving his quest to his three granddaughters to complete. Join the Adamson sisters as they take up the

mantle of Charlie Adamson's Quest to find the mystical doorway to the afterlife. They will have to travel across America searching for clues, solving puzzles, and facing mystical creatures all in their search for the keys required to complete Charlie's Quest. The only question you have to ask is, "Will you take the journey with them?"


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