Helping Other Authors

I have started to help several other Independent Authors. I have been doing basic

editing, formatting, covers and loading the book into Kindle.

There is a whole group of books I have done for Lana Karol. Click the link to find them.

The latest one is, "The Last Witch of Endor".

See Lana's books here:

“Forget everything you’ve ever read on Biblical prophecy,” warns Harbor Jackson.

In this “truly terrifying book” two totally mismatched people – a private detective and a reclusive, wealthy woman – make a tenuous alliance to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Lydia Rosenfeld – a woman missing for sixty-five years. But after several grotesque murders and dire warnings, the couple come to the chilling realization they have uncovered a 5,000-year-old legacy of terror – a radical religious sect working in America that can alter a Presidential election and seal the Worlds fate.

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