Our new friend - Creativity Sparks

Meet Barbara Hengstenberg

As a former elementary educator (still licensed in the state of Connecticut), I understand how profound the arts can be in our lives. I know that being able to write creatively can open up new worlds and new ideas, and I know that being able to express our thoughts via art helps us to communicate some of our deepest thinking.

Having the ability to combine my love of teaching, creating art and my great desire for communication, I feel strongly that I have a responsibility to work for the greater good. In order to do so, I’ve created Creativity Sparks!

From Tom -------

Barbara’s has created this wonderful place for children called Creativity Sparks website at www.creativitysparks.org. Her site features Episodes called Sparks which lead children to use their creativity, Coloring Pages to bring out their artistic self, and Read Alouds where Barbara reads books to the children. She is being featured in new episodes on TomsBooks Podcast.


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