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The Beauty of Rhyme

I helped Edie Segelin Bonferraro to edit and publish this book. It includes works by her father Herman E. Segelin. After reading it several times, I got to really enjoy some of the classic poetry written by Herman in the 1950s. Get this book to enjoy this almost forgotten art form. This poem is one of many favorites I found there.


The night envelopes me

In a clinging mantle,

Deep, dark and fearful.

Unfamiliar figures,

Bizarre and brazen,

Hover over me.

In this tempestuous sea,

I am helpless flotsam

Cast adrift.

Has the night no end,

No gleam of stars,

No glistening beams of moon?

It cannot be!

As my being yields,

A wisp of light

Like a bright thread

Gleaming on a sea

Of darkened tapestry


It grows

And stirs within me

New vitality.

There comes the dawn!

Read, "The Beauty of Rhyme".



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